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Kitchen cabinets

I like your dreams and I like your dream house and Its so wonderful.


Welcome to NE Ohio! I currently live over on the eastside, but my boyfriend (luckily-or unluckily-an architect) and we just bought a "worker's cottage" over on the west side in the city 2 weeks ago. Cleaning, ugh! Welcome and enjoy the heat, come wintertime you'll miss it dearly. I spent some time in Houston and Austin in the summertime, you must feel at home with the temps. we're having.

Good luck,

Melanie Gardner Tulsa

Hi Susie! You are amazing!!! You've done so much in such a short amount of time and I must say I'm very impressed by your use of terminology related to the roofing adventure... you are catching on very quickly, but that is of no surprise to me at all :). I absolutely love the blog. Keep up the good work lady! I hope to come visit "soon"... I'm going to Calif next week... As Lynette stated, the outside looks great! You need to be featured on HGTV!!!
Love Melanie


So WHY did you move from Texas again?? And this is a great blog - it only put 3 cookies on my computer when I visited!! That's 7 below the national average!!


Congratulations, that house looks great already from the outside, it's going to be even better after you work on it and make it your own. I totally understand you always having wanted to live in an old house, I'm exactly the same. Welcome to houseblogs too


That's great- following your dreams! What an adorable house as well. Welcome to houseblogs too...

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