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White Kitchen Cabinets

There are lots thing available in the market to protect the wooden cabinets..!!! The laminate coat is necessary for the extra gloss and safety..!!

Kitchen cabinets

Your kitchen is beautiful and I love this receiver. My kitchen has no room for the refrigerator, it was originally in the basement, then he is sitting in front of a little cute broom closet.


Thanks for adding those pictures for me.

I think that older hardware like that in good working condition adds so much more than reproductions do. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut though because the latter pays my bills... haha..


Your kitchen is lovely, and I adore that sink. My kitchen also has no place for the fridge, it originally was in the basement, so it's sitting in front of a cute little broom closet :P


Are those hinges the originals? They look great!!
If you don't mind I'd love a close up picture of the knobs and cabinet hinges.

I sell new hardware for a living but I love to see older stuff.

Great blog by the way!!!


So maybe use the mineral spirits to clean off the old finish and then apply the wax and buff ? Thanks for the suggestions, I'm sure I'll be into a lot of trial and error.


Sounds like you had a finish that was deteriorating. Mineral spirits is a good way to get rid of that.


Try floor wax or paste wax. Minwax sells it in smaller cans or big gallons. Just rub on, wait and buff. Makes a great protective coat.

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