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Adam Waterford

30 years?! Wow, you definitely have to replace the roof. And congratulations, you made a pretty good choice in your replacement. It's just sad Muffin and Speckles can't appreciate that, haha.


Hi Pumpkin !!! Be know what they say...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;-)

I know it looks a little naked, and ragged, without the bushes, but just wait until I have beautiful flowers instead of overgrown monster hiding places.
Hugs... Mom


Mom, you're a lunatic. If you can have a website celebrating your house then I want one for my shoes!! When you come to your senses I'll be in Colorado, where by the way, there are alot of old houses to be renovated. And I liked those bushes too, it looks a little naked without them. XOXO


Congratulations on surviving the move-out, the fantastic journey, the move-in . . .
You've made great progress! Continue to update so we can enjoy the "fun".
Meanwhile I'm still researching the cure for that interesting smell we talked about ;^)


WOW! I am SOOOO impressed! The roof looks great! And so proud of you for standing your ground on the wood shingles. The dormer looks fantastic!! You would REALLY be nuts to do the vinyl junk.

Looks like your felines survived the journey!

What's next?

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