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that is definitely oak. We have alot of oak in our house and I know the look well. We have stained ours with a custom mix of stains that we created to match the color of what the wood looked like underneath the paint. It's golden oak + some red oak + walnut. It's a warm yet not orangey brown-there are photos at my site if you want to see and I'd be glad to share the recipe etc...


Chances are there was a swinging door hung there originally. We have the same thing only one side is painted and the other is stained. The swinging door separates the kitchen from the dining room and the two different finishes in wood.


I have seen this a few times when different looks were desired for different rooms.
um... we even stained my mom's bedroom trim a different color than the trim in the rest of the house... but we didn't just stripe down the middle of a door jamb. I don't know that different stains are so strange, but that's just bad practice. Transitions should always be made at joints.


Rub the surface of the wood with some denatured alcohol and see if it becomes tacky. If so, you have shellac on the wood. It is likely that the shellac is amber shellac which gives the wood the golden color. The dining room may have more coats of shellac or the shellac may be tinted with aniline dye. I doubt that the wood is stained. Shellac can darken with age. Does the dining room get more sunlight?

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